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What Makes A Great Romance Novel? Favorite authors ?

May 14, 2013

Sometimes we get lucky finding a great author or we have friends that recommend a great book. The problem with selecting a book off the shelf with no knowledge about the book it’s author is you may be stuck with a horrible read. If you like great Regency Romance you can search the Internet, if you don’t have an Internet then ask a librarian because chances are they have a list. I love to have history with my romance but others don’t. Romance novels come in all varieties so be sure you get what you want. They are as varied as insects. You have contemporary, time travel, historical, paranormal, real life, famous, fantasy, and new categories. Some people want it heated like Fifty Shades of Grey, while others want Cinderella. What type of Romance do you enjoy?image


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  1. I like romance where there’s something at meaty at stake, a real sacrifice to be made, gamble taken, risk involved. And maybe one or both have to change to find a fit. Where the romance is embedded in circumstances. But the feelings are big. It’s discovering what matters in life and what doesn’t. But life has to be contended with along the way.

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